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Newsletter - April 2007

Welcome to my first newsletter.

This month's theme is "Beginnings", which seems appropriate on several levels. Not only is this the beginning of my foray into the world of online newsletters, but at the end of this month I will also be holding my first solo exhibition.


The exhibition will be held at Castle Douglas Art Gallery from April 21st to 28th. I will be there from 10am until 4.30pm every day, except Sunday. I hope those of you who live within reach will be able to come along.

If you would like to download a poster of the event, then right click on this sentence and select "Save Target As..." It's in PDF format - if you run into any difficulties then please let me know.

There will be several new works on show, but I will only be updating the website gallery after the exhibition, once I know which pieces have been sold.

New Artwork

As an exclusive member of my mailing list, you will get advance notice of events and certain artworks, so here are a few of the new artworks I will be displaying:

First Tear
There comes a moment when you can make yourself as comfortable as possible, or you can try and tear free.
First Tear
Hand painted silk and fibres on canvas (92cm x 92cm)
This was such a striking image that I decided to use it as the basis for the posters for the exhibition. Being such a vivid red, it certainly catches the eye at a distance.

Pulling back the skin to reveal a complex world beneath.
Hand painted silk and stitched layers laid into contoured canvas. (92cm x 92cm)
I plan on going into more detail about this piece in next month's newsletter

New life pushes through the old.
Layered mulberry bark stained with walnut ink on canvas. (30cm x 30cm)
Despite the smaller size of this piece, like the title it grew over time. I added layers over several weeks; for a long time it was just a work in progress until I was finally satisfied.

Swirls and eddies distort and reveal layers of perception.
Original image on photographic silk, hand painted silks and silk fibres applied to canvas. (100cm x 35cm)
This is the first time I have integrated photography into my artwork. Using special paper I was able to print the image of the tree in the mist directly onto silk and then stitch it into the canvas and layer over and around it with silks and threads.

(100cm x 35cm)
Another use of photography - this time it is an image of my own right eye that has been printed onto silk and layered over. It was inspired by a story called "The Bandaged Woman, written by my husband, a copy of which I plan to have next to the artwork when I display it in the gallery. I've already had several thoughts about ways to expand the concepts in the story through other media too. Watch this space over the coming year.

Memories and experiences from the past shape the present.
Layered, recycled, embroidered linen fragments and machine stitched silk on canvas. (35cm x 100cm)
Photographing an artwork that is entirely shades of white and cream is not easy, but I hope this gives you a reasonable sense of the piece.

Online Video

With the explosion of online video created by sites such as YouTube and Google Video, I thought I would experiment with video as part of the publicity process. I will be putting up a page on the website to promote the exhibition in the next few days, intend to embed this video.

Future Newsletters

Finally I would like to thank all of you who have signed up for my first newsletter. Of course I won't be holding an exhibition every month, so I will need other content for future newsletters.

So if you're the kind of person who likes to ask questions and/or give your opinion, then I would very much like to hear from you. Please email me with any questions about my artwork, or with ideas of things you'd like to see and read in future editions of this newsletter.

I hope to see you in this corner of Scotland in the last week of April, but until next time I wish you all the best.


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