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Newsletter - December 2007

Welcome to the December edition of my newsletter.

To be honest, it's been touch and go as to whether this was going to be written at all, what with the exhibition at the beginning of the month and, or course, preparations for the festive season.

I thought this month was a good time to look back over the last year. It has been a busy one and so important for me in terms of developing my work. I feel that I have taken a mighty step forward and could not have envisaged this point a year ago.

In April I launched your monthly newsletter on the website and as a result now have eight videos for you to view which illustrate and demonstrate examples and techniques of my artwork.

At the end of April I had my first solo exhibition at Castle Douglas Art Gallery. I was terrified, anxious but very excited at the same time. I think on all kinds of levels it was successful. For me the best part was the positive feedback and wonderful comments I received. I think it's a great privilege to touch others emotionally and that's what came across.

Castle Douglas Art Gallery- April 2007
Castle Douglas Art Gallery- April 2007

Over the summer and early Autumn, as well as preparing for the exhibition in Kirkcudbright this month, I was selected for Spring Fling 2008, Dumfries and Galloway's major art and craft event, and also for the AA2A scheme at the University of Cumbria. Both these opportunities are huge for me and I will enjoy writing more about them in the coming year.

My exhibition at the Tolbooth Art Centre has just ended and I sit here surprised that it ever happened after all the hectic time beforehand. Next month I will review how it all went.

At this time of year it feels like we stand on the precipice where the years join and we need to go forward into the unknown. As well as being a bit scary, it is so exciting too and I'm looking forward to the journey.

Download a detail of "Storm"

I hope you'll excuse the fact there is no video this month though there is a print to download as usual. Of course this may be printed out on normal photographic paper but why not try using other types too? I think a good quality watercolour paper works really well.

Detail of "Storm"

Right-click on the image above and select Save Target As. You can then save the image on your computer and print it off on photographic or watercolour paper at up to A4 size without losing any quality, or use it as a desktop background for your computer.

Be advised that the image is approximately 3MB big, so might take a little while to download

If you run into any difficulties then please let me know.


Finally this month I send you all best wishes of the season and for the coming year.


Questions and Comments:

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Wishing you all the best until next time,



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