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Newsletter - July 2007

Welcome to the July edition of my newsletter.

Recently I have been creating a new piece worked solely in texture, without colour. For this newsletter I thought it would be interesting to look at this new work - At The Core - to illustrate the use of texture in expressing emotion through form and shape alone.

Coming up this month:

  • Texture without colour
  • Video illustrating texture without colour, and featuring "At The Core"
  • Download a free high-resolution print for your own wall


Texture Without Colour

At the heart of my art I strive to produce texture, colour and light to reflect the inner landscape of emotion, memory and experience.

Shape and form can be created by both colour and texture. Sometimes I like to work completely in white, as the focus is then entirely on the texture created, and the way different lighting accentuates this. Light plays across the piece to form different angles and shadows among the curves, ridges and folds of applied fabric and fibres.

There is a contrast between smooth and rough, hollow and ridged, which can be as evocative as the use and changes of colour. Working completely in white sharpens the framework of expression, whereby I need to express emotions through the choices of texture.

At The Core

In my latest piece, At The Core, there is an indented centre, depressed by a smudging thumb to create the idea of emptiness at the heart. There may be layers and folds of experience all around, but in that centre place there is a void. Light may create shadows there, but there remains an absence of any tangible form. The eye is drawn to this centre, where the white appears most white, and by association, calm and still.


At the Core

I have created a video illustrating the use of texture without colour, the 2nd part of which features images of my latest work, At The Core.

The voice-over on this video is pretty much the same as the writing above, so if you don't have sound, don't worry.

Sit back, press play and enjoy.

Download a free high-resolution print for your own wall

Now you know a bit more about "At The Core", if you are interested in buying it, then please get in contact. If you would like a high-resolution image of a detail of this work for your own non-commercial use, then right-click on the image below and select Save Target As You can then save the image on your computer and print it off on photographic paper at up to A4 size without losing any quality.

Be advised that the image is approximately 1.5MB big, so might take a little while to download
Detail of At The Core
If you run into any difficulties then please let me know.


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