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Newsletter - November 2010

Welcome to the November 2010 edition of the Newsletter.

Needless to say, with the recent aquisition of a new studio, it has come to dominate my world at the moment, so this newsletter is largely about the importance of having your own space to work in. And if you're in Scotland on the 11th of next month you will get the chance to see the new place as there is an open day event. More details below.

So, coming up in this newsletter:

Space Matters
"Off the Wall"
WASPS Studios Open Day
Spring Fling 2011
Video of "Once Upon a Time... The Making of an Artist's Studio"
High Resolution Image for you to Download


Space Matters

I don’t think we should underestimate the importance and significance of having a space in which to work and create.

That may be the cramped end of the kitchen table, in competition with debris from the last meal or that pile of “needing to be dealt with” letters. It could be the unexpectedly spare room, perched between bed and bookshelf and mounds of can’t-do-without materials. Seemingly more indulgent and luxurious still is the designated “studio” room in the house even if that is shared with husband, laptop, desk and an ever increasing amount of photographic paraphernalia

I have had all such spaces to work in, swinging between feelings of gratitude for having any room at all and frustration because it’s never quite big enough or indeed respected as such.

Now at last I have my proper artist’s studio in the nearby town of Kirkcudbright. I have to go out to work again and I just love it. For me the whole experience of leaving my home and taking a bus to my studio is a completely heady affair.

But I suppose the real point of this is that whatever space we have matters. We need to make it our own, at least for the duration of the work we do there, even if it is only borrowed or dual purpose.

By respecting our creative environment we will be more productive and satisfied and able to develop skills to move forward.

What is your workplace like - I’m really curious? Why not email me about it and next month I’ll put together a blog, with your permission, of selected extracts from your feedback.

In the video this month (see below) I welcome you to my new workplace and you will see how I am making it my own.


Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries – “Off the Wall” 13th November – 24th December

Currently I have some work on show in a group exhibition here. It’s a show of smaller scale artworks particularly suitable for Christmas presents.


WASPS Studios - Kirkcudbright Open Day - Saturday 11th December from10am until 4pm.

This is the very first opening here and a chance to see my new studio at - 117 High Street, Kirkcudbright DG6 4JG - as well as other exciting local artists. Also on this day the town will be hosting a Christmas festival - so well worth a visit.

See also:


Spring Fling 2011

More good news for the coming year - I have been selected again for Spring Fling 2011, Dumfries and Galloway’s open studio event at the end of May. This will be my fourth year running so I am excited about taking part. More news about this event in future newsletters.

Video of Once Upon a Time... The Making of an Artist's Studio


Download a free high-resolution image for your own wall or computer desktop

This image is a detail of the 3D scultptural artwork "Open".

Detail "Of Mother"

Right-click on the image and select Save Target As. You can then save the image on your computer and print it off on photographic or watercolour paper at up to A4 size without losing any quality, or use it as a desktop background for your computer.

Be advised that the image is approximately 3MB big, so might take a little while to download

If you run into any difficulties then please let me know.


Questions and Comments:

I would very much like to hear from you. Please email me with any questions about my artwork, or with ideas of things you'd like to see and read in future editions of this newsletter.

And finally, if you know of anyone who you think might be interested in receiving this newsletter, please point them to to sign up.

Wishing you all the best until next time,



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