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Newsletter - October 2008

Welcome to the October edition of the Newsletter.

"Constructed Textiles" is a wonderful phrase, and one I feel applies so well to my work. But in the process of constructing, there is a great deal of pulling apart, examining and "deconstructing", if you like. This month I thought it would be interesting to explore my fascination with it.

So, coming up in this newsletter:

Exhibition at the Lillie Art Gallery
Burns Light
Why I love Constructing Textiles
Video of Constructed Textiles
High Resolution Image for you to Download

Forthcoming Events

Milngavie, Glasgow

I will be exhibiting some of my work in the Christmas Art Show at the Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie, Glasgow from 22nd November until 20th December.

Burns Light

As part of the national Homecoming 2009 programme in Scotland, on the 25th January 2009 there are to be mass lantern processions weaving through Dumfries, South Scotland to celebrate the 250th Birthday of Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet and bard.

There will also be live music and a spectacular fire sculpture show. Lantern making workshops will be taking place throughout the region and I will be one of the artists involved. For more information go to


Why I Love Constructing Textiles

I knew of "constructed textiles" of course, but had not thought of putting my work into that category until I read about "the constructed textiles of Maggie Ayres" on Spring Fling's website earlier this year. I loved this concept at once and wondered why I had never used it to describe my work, since it certainly expresses what I do.

I really like being able to take semi- raw materials like wool and silk tops or beaten mulberry bark and build them into something else, deeply textured and multi-layered.

Layers of silk fibres and distressed scrim
Layers of silk fibres and distressed scrim

Construction implies the practice of skills crafted slowly over time, building with purpose and perhaps some level of ingenuity in order to overcome practical problems. This idea really appeals to me as I work repeatedly to achieve somehow, the effects I desire. The construction of textiles as an artistic practice offers me not only the possibility to hone my craft as a maker, but also to express myself creatively through the use of texture, light, colour and form.

Video of Constructed Textiles


Download a free high-resolution image for your own wall or computer desktop

I love the way the fibres of mulberry bark can be manipulated. The shapes formed by the pulling apart I find quite inspirational.

Mulberry bark deconstructed

Right-click on the image and select Save Target As. You can then save the image on your computer and print it off on photographic or watercolour paper at up to A4 size without losing any quality, or use it as a desktop background for your computer.

Be advised that the image is approximately 2.4MB big, so might take a little while to download

If you run into any difficulties then please let me know.


Questions and Comments:

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